About Us

Our History

Novelquip Forestry was registered in 2007 and comprise The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of SA and the Steenkamp family as shareholders.

Product development and improvement is an on-going company wide characteristic. Commercialization of products take place upon successful testing and industry feedback confirms the demand for Novelquip products. Re-purchasing by numerous customers confirms the quality and suitability of our commercialized products.


The CEO is Dr Jaap Steenkamp who graduated with a B. Sc in Forestry and holds a doctorate from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Business Administration. He is an academic, but also inventor and a holder of Intellectual Property. Jaap was also awarded the “Award for Excellence” by the Southern African Institute of Forestry for his contribution to the South African forestry industry. He serves on various South African forestry and related forums and is involved in forestry contracting.

Helgaard Steenkamp is the Design and Operations Engineer and also holds his engineering qualification from the NMMU. Helgaard came through the ranks and accumulated in depth experience of hydraulics, electronics and mechanics. This experience plus the accumulated company experience and knowledge are built into every design for ease of maintenance and to be rigid and reliability. He is assisted by two very competent out-of-the-box thinkers and a competent manufacturing team.


Novelquip Forestry is proud to be associated with the following partners:

The Industrial Development Corporation. Novelquip Forestry is proud to be a subsidiary of the IDC, a national development finance institution set up to promote economic growth and industrial development in South Africa. The IDC is owned by the South African government under the supervision of the Economic Development Department.

The Technology Innovation Agency. The development of Novelquip Forestry’s planting technology is funded by TIA as part of the South African Governments initiative to promote and support novel and innovative South African technologies.

Research & Development

The research and development by Novelquip Forestry is directed to practical solutions in a modern world, subject to the very harsh conditions of plantation forestry and agriculture.

The safety and health of people, the sustainability of the natural environment, the economic bottom line and sound scientific silviculture and agriculture principles forms part of our integrated approach to R&D. Coupled with this is management control. Any operation can only be measured according to information available, and that is why our equipment is designed to feed back to management from a quality and quantity of activity perspective.
Novelquip exists by the principle that improvement must be continuous.