Novel Automated Planting Equipment

NOVEL ProPlant

The NOVEL ProPlant machines are machines that Pit, Fertilize, Plant, Firm up and Gel / Water the seedling in a single operation.

It is a precision machine dedicated to plantation establishment. Quality of every activity is electronically controlled and a single operator is required. The precision of the operation ensures precision of investment and hence an optimized return to the land owner.

ProPlant machines are machines with up to 8 heads per machine catering for an espacement of 3m or 3.5m between the rows and 2m, 2.5m, 3m or 3.5m within the row. High productivity ensures cost effectiveness and precision ensures optimum yield per hectare.

A ProPlant was successfully developed and tested during 2015 and Novelquip Forestry is in the process of commercializing the ProPlant machines.

Features and Advantages

Features and advantages of the Novel ProPlant manufactured by Novelquip Forestry Pty (Ltd)


  • Planting cycles of between 17- and 22 seconds translates into 7680 seedlings planted per 8-hour shift (assuming a 30 second cycle) for an 8 head machine.
  • Ground level sensors determine the completion of the pit and the quality of the planting.
  • Consistent pitting and planting – all uniform in quality
  • Pit size 350mm across and 350mm deep with 400mm center
  • Planting depth fully adjustable to optimize your operation
  • Tungsten chip hard faced tines or agriculture reversible tines
  • Planting jaws are hard-faced for durability
  • Deposit fertilized on both sides of seedling
  • After planting of seedling the seedling is firmed up and fertilizer pushed into the soil.
  • No J-roots possible
  • No air pockets – hence low mortality
  • Gel / water addition around root plug
  • Seedlings are kept moist on machine – prevents transplant shock
  • Tungsten center auger
  • Excellent tilth
  • No side wall glazing
  • 3000Nm of torque through planetary gear system (strong & reliable)