Novel Multi-head Pitting Machines


Four-head pitting machines are available as a special product. The range was discontinued due to the South African policy of inter-stump pitting (No inter-row pitting).

General information

Suitable Carriers:
Agriculture Tractor: 65 kW minimum requirements

Electronic Control:
PLC, fully automated machine, operator ONLY responsible to steer machine.

Process: Align machine, activate – four pitting heads start simultaneously, but work independently until all four pits completed, heads back to home position, machine engage forward and stop at appropriate place for next pitting sequence. The process is revolving until deactivated.

Hydraulic requirements:
120 lpm at 160 to 250 Bar pressure. PTO pump.

Pit size:
350 mm across and 350mm deep, centre of pit 400mm deep. Excellent soil retention in pit.

Tine types:
Tungsten tipped centre auger
Replaceable tip (banana tine)
Tungsten-chip hard-faced for rocky conditions

Double Flange tine carrier:
The Novel double flanges are patented, unique and extremely rigid and reliable.

Hydraulic motor and Gearbox:
Delivers 3000Nm of torque at low rpm to stir the soil to a perfect tilth

Typical productivity:
From 6000 pits per day to 10000 pits per day (8 hour shift)

Typical Fuel consumption of carrier:
Dependant on carrier type and output.