Novel Single and Twin-head Pitting Machines (Forestry)


Features and advantages of the Novel MPAT manufactured by Novelquip Forestry Pty (Ltd)


  • Average of 2500 pits per shift overall (including transport time)
  • Up to 3500 pits per shift (burnt compartments)
  • Consistent pitting – all uniform in quality
  • Pit size 350mm across and 350mm deep with 400mm center
  • Tungsten chip hard faced tines or agriculture reversible tines
  • Tungsten center auger
  • Excellent tilth
  • No side wall glazing
  • 3000Nm of torque through planetary gear system (strong & reliable)
  • Patented design
  • Depth sensing (log only completed pits)

(Best quality and highest productivity pits in the industry)


  • Volvo EC55B Pro excavator 5.5 tons, compact excavator
  • Kubota engine – 38KW
  • Fuel consumption 2.8 to 3 l/hr.
  • 380mm ground clearance (best in class)
  • Rated to work slopes up to 32 degrees (tested to 23 degrees for pitting)
  • Babcock light rate to Multipit customers (Reputable company)
  • Reach 4 rows from any static position (3m between lines)


  • Standard PLC system
  • GPS module (GPS every standing position for pitting)
  • GPS Guidance grid system optional (38mm pitting accuracy)
  • Very reliable and stable
  • Pit only recorded on completion – quality assurance
  • Graphs of shift progress
  • Direct e-mail to manager (designated mail address) and USB port for data download
  • Provide for three shifts per day
  • GPS data can be used to draw 3-D map of area


  • Use auxiliary circuit
  • Decreased pressure for reliability
  • Over size motor for reliability
  • Two-way shock-load protected
  • Quick release couplings

Multiple Uses

  • The standard bucket can be attached in a few minutes.
  • The Multipit pitting head can be fitted back in a few minutes.
  • A small conversion to accept also the GIERKINK felling Grapple from Afrequip is also possible
  • Fitment of a timber or sugar cane grab
  • Novelaxe for breaking up stumps

Ergonomics and Safety

  • Fully ROPS / FOPS certified
  • Excellent operator comfort and cab noise below 80dB
  • Comfortable and safe instrument placement
  • Ergonomic placement of all controls
  • Excellent traction and slope stability
  • A Slope-watch that measures slope is available to alert operator when the slope implies a safety risk. (optional)
  • Safety seat and harness
  • Safety entrance / exit and emergency exit
  • Air conditioned


  • Low emissions – TIER 3 engines (Excellent fuel economy)
  • Low soil densification
  • Minimum soil disturbance
  • Low noise pollution