Novelteq Attachments (Single Head)

General information

Suitable Carriers:
Skid Steers

Hydraulic requirements:
30 lpm at 160 to 250 Bar pressure.

Pit size:
350 mm across and 350mm deep, centre of pit 400mm deep. Excellent soil retention in pit.

Tine types:
Tungsten tipped centre auger
Replaceable tip (banana tine)
Tungsten-chip hard-faced for rocky conditions

Double Flange tine carrier:
The Novel double flanges are patented, unique and extremely rigid and reliable.
Hydraulic motor and Gearbox:
Delivers 3000Nm of torque at low rpm to stir the soil to a perfect tilth

Typical productivity:
From 2000 pits per day to 3000 pits per day (8 hour shift)

Typical Fuel consumption of carrier:
Dependent on specific carrier