Specialized Forestry Machine Design & Build

Cape Fire and Silvics Products available through NOVELQUIP FORESTRY

NQF is a registered agent for Novel CNC Pty Ltd:

Trailers (Dedicated)

Trailers designed for the specific purpose and use of a customer such as the transportation of specific equipment like the Novel MPAT.

Forestry Fire Truck Wet-ends

Dedicated wet-ends are manufactured according to customer specifications. All valves are pneumatic-electronic controlled from the Cab, crew-cab or the rear of the vehicle for ease of operation. The water canon is remote controlled from the vehicle cab.


The Slope-watch is an electronic device installed in any vehicle to warn the operator regarding the slope on which the equipment is used. The limits are pre-determined and entered into the CPU. A blinking green light indicates functionality and that the Slope-watch is “on”. When 75% of allowable slope is reached, either up / down or side-slope, an amber LED will light up and an intermittent busser will be activated. If the operator proceeds to exceeding the set limit, a red LED will light up and the situation recorded for time of and duration of the infringement. A 4 second alarm will also be set off for the warning of the operator.

The record of infringements will be stored on the on-board memory and shown on the HMI (screen) of the Slope-watch. The stored information can be downloaded and printed for the records of the owner of the equipment.